Pure Science Golf guarantees better performing clubs with significant improvements in overall feel, accuracy and distance. Your custom fitting experience includes collecting data specific to your game using the latest Trackman technology. Upon completion of the fitting our expert club builders assemble your clubs one by one to the exact specifications you are fit for.


Clubs Tailored Just for you Using the Finest Grips, Shafts and Club Heads

Over 30,000 fitting combinations and at our facility you can test with any shaft or head you like.


Club Fitting

Pure Science Golf uses the industry leading Trackman technology for a variety of head and shaft fittings and custom design unique to you.

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Club Building

We use state of the art technology to design and build each golf club to make it perfectly suited to your swing style and personal physical attributes.

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Why Pure Science Golf?

More often than not, golfers of all abilities are using clubs that are not properly fit for their individual “dynamic “swings. This unfortunately creates a lot of “false positives” in both ball flight and club performance. Pure Science Golf is dedicated to improving your overall golf game through educating clients on the importance between the golf swing and golf club. Pure Science Golf measures and evaluates specifications of your current clubs. This gives us a “baseline” or “starting point” to determine what improvements need to be made using different club head and shaft combinations.

During the fitting process you will hit a series of shots with your current equipment to determine starting point data. From there our team will determine the correct loft, lie angle, swing weight, shaft weight and frequency that archives optimal performance and UNLOCKING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

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