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Pure Science Golf uses state-of-the-art technology for custom golf club fitting and one-on-one instruction. Two hitting bays with Trackman 4 simulators feature industry-leading ball-flight tracking, analysis, and shot simulation to provide precise measurements of carry yardage, total yardage, ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rate, trajectory, height, launch angle, launch direction, and more.

In addition to the two Trackman bays, the cutting-edge Quintic putting system instantly provides Pure Science Golf customers with more than 100 different data points, allowing them to improve their putting stroke while ensuring they have the proper equipment.

After finding the perfect equipment for a golfer’s game during a fitting session, the Pure Science team builds the client’s custom club order on site, in the Pure Science Golf Build Shop. This dedicated workspace features top-of-the-line tools and technologies to expertly assemble and repair golf equipment. Pure Science’s seasoned club builders ensure a golfer’s equipment is precisely built to their unique specifications. The Build Shop also features an SST Pure Machine (one of only a handful in Florida) capable of “PUREing” golf shafts during the build process to minimize golf-shot dispersion.

We are in the golf game improvement business, not the golf equipment sales business.

This company cares about your golf game more than they do about “selling” a set of clubs to you. My fitting with Shaun was shockingly honest and surprising. I went in for a full bag fitting expecting to buy every club in the bag. Shaun walked thru my swing numbers and suggested I work on my attack angle before purchasing clubs (beyond negative attack angle). I’ve had 3 other fittings before PSG, and they all wanted to sell me clubs that I felt weren’t best for my swing. I’ve never had a fitting with a company that was so honest and I truly felt that he cared about helping my overall game. If I can give them 10 stars, I would. These guys are the real deal, I can’t say enough great things about them. If you’re looking for a fitting - don’t go anywhere else. Once my attack angle improves, I’ll be flying back to Florida to have my clubs fitted by Shaun. Shaun - I appreciate your honesty and proving that there are still people out there that truly care about the customer’s best interest. All the best, Bryan
Bryan Hooton
The team at Pure Science Golf is not only committed to your overall experience but also dedicated to improving your game through educating clients on the importance between the golf swing and golf club.

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