Club Building

What separates Pure Science Golf from our competitors is, upon completion of the fitting our expert club builders assemble your clubs individually to the tightest tolerances possible. This assures that every club in the bag matches the exact specifications gathered from your fitting process. Thus eliminating the inconsistencies of purchasing "off the rack" equipment.

Building Procedures

Build Room

For a 13-piece full set of golf clubs the building process takes approximately 6 hours.

Pure Science Golf weighs and measures every club head before building begins. Grips are sorted and weighed while shafts are measured for frequency and also weighed. All this individual attention insures each club we build meets the exact specification of each customer, and the exact results and performance which were experienced in the fitting session.

SST Pure

Thanks to our official license from SST Pure, Pure Science Golf has the most advanced machinery to Pure a golf shaft, measuring straightness and torque in under 90 seconds flat. A print out in color reports all the details.

The best professional golfers in the world choose to have their shafts PUREd by the SST Alignment system. This guarantees their club shafts perform consistently on every hole and course. Our customers have the same opportunity to have their shafts aligned with the same PURE machine, optimizing your swing consistency.

Golfers on all levels can benefit from the Tour Pro Advantage offered by Pure Science Golf SST Pure.

Hot Melting

Nearly all of the driver heads on the PGA Tour are hotmelted. This is why so many of the pros tee shots look and sound different from yours. Our hotmelting is used to address 3 different issues.

  • It deadens the distinctive PING sound from stock drivers.
  • It adds micro-weight to the club head to meet a specific swing weight.
  • Adding hotmelt can encourage a more desirable flight pattern—taking the ball lower, higher, drawing, fading or any particular combination.

Frequency Matching

Stock golf clubs acquired through retail outlets and pro shops are not flex matched. Pure Science Golf takes special pains to make certain each club matches the next one in your bag. Our frequency machine registers a CPM (cycles per minute) reading. This is what manufacturers then label in standard letters for flex: L (Ladies) A (Seniors) R(Regular) S (Stiff) X (Extra Stiff). The problem is that there is no consistency throughout the industry. One company’s Regular could be a competitor’s Stiff. Pure Science Golf uses an exact CPM numbers in both the fitting and building process. Your perfectly matched set of irons will flex with only 4-5 CPM per half inch in length. Handbuilding clubs one by one is the only way to meet maximum variation. Regardless of what decal stickers report on stock clubs, frequency matching for flex is not possible off the assembly line.

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