Why Pure Science Golf

The Perfect Fit

With every possible head and shaft combination in our fitting bay, we are able to provide each customer with exactly the perfect customized clubs.

The Pure Difference

Stock Vs Custom

From the moment you call for your custom-fitting appointment Pure Science Golf guarantees impeccable, premium service. Our goal is to improve your performance and your pleasure and enjoyment of the game of golf. We promise the latest technology in the fitting experience and customization of your tailored clubs. We strive to maintain ongoing relationships with all of our customers.

Pure Technology

Our state-of-the-art testing studios include hitting bays equipped with
  • Trackman III Technology. With world famous Trackman data measurements we are able to determine 21 different ball and club parameters instantly. This includes club path, face angle, club head speed, attack angle, ball speed and spin rate among others.
  • SAM PUTT Lab technology allows Pure Science Golf to evaluate all aspects of putting guaranteeing the perfect fit for every customer.

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